Friday, January 29, 2010

Introductory Post

This is a blog by an ordinary citizen, i.e., myself, a member of the South Asian diaspora in North America, in which I plan to offer my own views, opinions and commentary on developments in South Asia. Peace and Development will be the two main topics, but since virtually all other aspects of South Asian societies impact these two, there is likely to be a fairly large spectrum of issues that I hope to discuss.

I believe ordinary citizens in South Asia have an important role to play in the South Asian peace process - in promoting positive dialogues, developing and sustaining the right mental attitudes, and in creating a continued pressure for achieving tangible progress. But the South Asian diaspora (in North America and elsewhere, i.e., people like myself) also has these roles, in addition also to being able to offer the perspective of experience in the adopted societies.

I must note one thing at the outset: Dr. Shazia, whose show on youtube I have been watching, breathless and spellbound over these last few weeks, has been just a tremendous inspiration. The full extent of her impact cannot be acknowledged in just a couple of sentences - I hope this blog itself will be testimony thereof.

So here goes.